Mastering the Leadership Mastering the Leadership, Organizational, and Emotional challenges of a career in Teaching and/or Research



Politecnico di Milano - Piacenza Campus
February 18th-22nd 2013

Motivations and Goal


PhD studies prepare a graduate student for the intellectual demands of a career in teaching and/or research, but the leadership, organizational, and emotional challenges are not usually addressed in doctoral studies. This course fills the gap with a targeted set of experiences, frameworks, & theory.


The course, sponsored by Fondazione Cariplo, starts from the premise that the researcher/teacher is resourceful, creative, and whole, and that he or she will be most effective when an authentic leadership, organizational, and emotional approach is adopted. Topics include noticing and awareness, listening, questioning, speech acts, coordination of action and teamwork, personal and organizational change, organizational culture, crafting effective messages and stories, and the development of effective change artifacts and institutions.


The course will be organized as a series of short workshop sessions in which experiences and individual and group reflections are punctuated by Socratic discussions or microlectures. The course will be residential with board and lodging expenses covered by the Doctoral School. To receive further information and to register, please contact